Profitable Investment in Shares

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Profitable Investment in Shares

A Beginner’s Guide

S.S.Grewal and Navjot Grewal

How to invest in shares profitably and wisely

The world over people invest a large chunk of their savings in shares and stock markets.

There are excellent reasons and terrific advantages of doing so:

  • You capital appreciates quickly. Over the long term, investment in shares can easily offer a return at least double of what is possible from fixed deposits in banks, for instance
  • You also get a readily income through dividends.
  • Shares are a readily encashable investment unlike, say, investment in property. Investment in shares are very easy to manage.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to start. Most of India’s 50 million shareholders have ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.25,000 in the stock market.

This hugely popular book explains the basic principles and guidelines of profitable investment in shares. It also highlights the basic rules to follow in order to ensure reasonable safety of your capital. And it does all this in simple, clear language without resorting to jargon or technicalities. You don’t need to be an MBA, a chartered accountant, or a mathematical wizard to profit through shares. All it requires is common sense, and spending a little time and effort in educating yourself with the basics. So, if are you one of those who wants to invest in shares but doesn’t know quite how to go about it, then you can’t do much better than starting with this book.

Edition 6th
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Subject Trading
ISBN 9788170945734
Author S.S.Grewal and Navjot Grewal
Language English
Page count 136
Book Format Paperback

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