Pro WF : Windows Workflow in .NET 3.0

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Since I began my career a few decades ago, I’ve looked for a better way to develop software. I imagined that one day software would be developed visually instead of with a text editor. I hoped that we would assemble complete applications from prebuilt components, just as my son assembles his exorbitantly priced plastic blocks.

Now the future is here with Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Why am I so excited about WF? Workflow-enabled applications use a declarative programming model rather than a procedural one, separating what to do from When to do it. And the WF designer is tightly integrated with Visual Studio, providing a highly visual design-time experience that brings workflow within reach of every .NET developer. In the future, I believe most nontrivial applications will be workflow-enabled, and WF is the new de facto standard workflow framework for Windows.

I wrote this book as a comprehensive tutorial on using WF. I start with the WF fundamentals to get you up and running quickly. After that, I provide coverage of other WF topics such as local services, event-driven activities, rules, workflow, web services, ASP.NET, Workflow markup and hosting the workflow designers.

AS a working developers, I’ve found that I learn a new skill best through practical, handson examples. So when I wrote this book, I focused on demonstrating WF concepts instead of just talking about them. I truly believe that workflows are the next paradigm shift.

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Subject Software & Programming
ISBN 9788181286500
Author Bruce Buovics
Publisher Dreamtech Press
Language English
Page count 709
Book Format Paperback

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