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The present work is a comprehensive study that no enthusiast or practitioner of judo would like to miss. To make the text more understandable, illustrations are being provided along with it. Not only skills of judo, but also the history of the event has also been described which will help the reader the background or the conditions in which this event came into existence. Valuable suggestions concerning how to prepare for competition, technical know how, a brief note on basic requirement of a coaching session, injuries and first aid, glossary and competition results have been mentioned in clear words.Play and learn Judo highlights important aspects of most of the techniques being used in competitions. The explanation of technique has been arranged in such a manner that it is useful for both experienced and novice alike. It offers systematic approach to learn judo. This study is invaluable for coaches and judo players. The author has created judo to reflect the concept of maximum efficiency in use of physical and mental energy. There is no part of world where people are not enjoying this challengeable game of judo.

Subject Sports
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ISBN 8175241667
Author D.Jain
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