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  Chess is the brainiest game. Although it is originated in India yet it is vanished from our country and now in India Chess Game is known with the only name of Master Vishwanathan Anand. Play and Learn Chess is precisely meant for those learners of Indian origin who wish to gain proficiency in this game the easy way. Covering all aspects of the game including the rules with a plethora of illustrative figures, this work begins with the presumption that the reader is totally uninitiated. Gradually the whole edifice of the game is developed. By going through this book , young enthusiast would be able to know the basic game of Chess and its skills and tactics and laws. The texts are written in a lucid form and simple English are used keeping in mind the language problem of the student. Hopefully, the present book will prove very useful and helping guide for physical education students, teachers, sportspersons etc. Play and Learn Chess is a complete handbook for all the young aspirants. It is designed in such a manner that by going through it one may be familiar with the basic skills, techniques and laws of chess and able to understand the concepts of Chess.

The following are the detailed and complete content of this book:

1. Historical background of chess

2. Important concepts of Chess,

3. Tactics in Chess,

4. Opening the game,

5. Knight Fork

6. The Pin,

7. Removing the Guard,

8. Discovered Attack and Check,

9. Double Attack,

10. Defensive play,

11. The skewer,

12. Surprise move

13. Rules of Chess

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