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Boxing is considered the oldest event which man used in his life. However, in the beginning it was used in a very rough manner. As the interest of people arouse towards this event, it was needed for which boxing Federation was created, which has full control over the game. This authority created the rules of this game and from time to time keeps on changing these rules. Today, various competitions of this event are held on national as well as on international levels. In various nations of world, this event is being enjoyed by number of people. In India, this game is very popular and India has given many superstars of this event to world of sports. Play and Learn Boxing is the unique and valuable efforts by the author to teach the game of Boxing to the beginners, learners, sportsmen, coaches and teachers. It has something for everyone who plays this work gives appropriate information to the readers with expert technical guidance and instruction on all aspects of the game. The book is consisted of the latest rules and regulations of the game of Boxing. Guidance of various experts players have been included in the book which makes it a precise work.

Subject Sports
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Author Thomas Inch
Publisher Khel Sahitya Kendra
Language English
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