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Game of basketball is a team sport which is played indoors. Two teams each of five players participate in the game. The only weapon available to them is the ball which they have to put in the basket located in the opponent’s area. For each basket, players are given points and team having maximum points at the end of game is declared winner of the competition. Play and Learn basketball is the unique and valuable  efforts by the author to teach the game of basketball to the beginners, learners, sportsmen, coaches and teachers. It has something for everyone who plays this game. Although basketball is not famous and commonly yet it has its own place to the eyes of sportsmen and spectators. The present work gives appropriate information to the readers with expert technical guidance and instructions on all aspects of the game. The book and regulations of the game of basketball. All the experienced players, beginners, coaches and people desirable to become basketball player will get a great help through this book.

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Subject Sports
Author Naveen Jain
Publisher Khel Sahitya Kendra
Language English
Book Format Hard Bound

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