Palm Reading Basics

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For nearly 2000 years, the art and science of palmistry has been shrouded in secrecy. Now, you can gain immediate access to this hidden knowledge by reading this book.

You’ll see how the road of life is mapped out in the palm of your hand-your character, personality, childhood, career, finances, family, love, life, talents, happiness, and destiny. By following the illustrated guide, you can perform your own personal palm reading, just like a pro!

This book shows you how your hands contain the blue-print of your body, mind, and spirit-your true and sacred self. Your characterstics, skills, and inherent talents are imprinted in your mind and transferred as images onto your palm. You hold the past, present and future in the palm of your hand.

This book is the brainchild of former aerospace scientist Linda Domin. She has employed the same meticulous attention to detail that was demanded for the space shuttle program. By decoding all the palm line systems of the major schools of palmistry and integrating them with her own findings, she has created a palm reading system which has been applauded for its accuracy.

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ISBN 9780753712000
Author Linda Domin
Publisher Octopus India
Page count 241
Book Format Paperback

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