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Twenty-five years after its first publication, Edward Said's groundbreaking critique of the West's historical, cultural, and political perceptions of the East has become a modern classic, and political perceptions of the East has become a modern classic. In this wide-ranging, intellectually vigorous study, Said traces the origins of "orientalism" to the centuries-long period during which Europe dominated the Middle and Near East and, from its position of power, defined "the orient" simply as "other than" the occident. This entrentched view continues to dominate western ideas and, because it does not allow the East to represent itself, prevents true udnerstanding. Essential, and still eye-opening, Orientalism remains one of the most important books written about our divided world.

Subject Near Eastern Studies/ Cultural History
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ISBN 9780394740680
Author Edward Said
Publisher Vintage Books
Language English
Page count 394
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: History

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