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How companies must change today to win the battle for the internet customer

In now or never, electronic commerce expert Mary Modahl provides cutting-edge ideas and practical advice on how to succeed in the Internet Economy. Based upon the most comprehensive research of e-commerce buyers ever conducted, this book will strongly influence how managers, executives and entrepreneurs think about – and approach – the Internet and the future.

Now Or Never provides a provocative, insightful analysis on the Internet Economy itself; with increasing numbers of consumers buying online, every conventional aspect of the business value chain is either in the midst of change, or bound to do so soon. Modahl explores those changes; assessing where and how revenue flows will alter; altering companies to new types of expenses on the horizon; and, importantly, describing how both will inevitably affect profitability. Such changes, Modahl explains, will rearrange how value is created – and harvested – in every industry.

Now Or Never is an important book for entrepreneurs, executives and marketing managers in every consumer-product and service industry. It provides a roadmap for understanding the key business impacts of the Internet Economy, determining the different consumer responses to the Internet, and building an effective Internet business strategy.

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Author Mary Modahl
Publisher Orion Business Books Publication
Language English
Page count 237
Book Format Hardbound

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