Network Security

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Network Security
A Hacker's Perspective

By Ankit Fadia

Network Security: A Hacker's Perspective (2/e) will help you gain entry into the minds of seasoned computer criminals, so that you can forestall their attempts and pre-empt all harmful attacks. You will become a true hacker profiler, well equipped to detect the ways in which these attackers can infiltrate your system, including stealing your identity by obtaining your IP address; gathering information through port scanning, fingerprinting and sniffing; and attacking password files. Both network administrators and ordinary users will find the book useful to learn the right countermeasures to protect sensitive and confidential information, and also to counter some of the most common hacker attacks.

Author: Ankit Fadia
Pages: 356
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Author Ankit Fadia
Publisher Macmillan
Page count 356

Categories: Hardware & Networking

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