Necessary Illusions

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Necessary Illusions

Though Control In Democratic Societies

By Noam Chomsky

Necessary Illusions explodes the myth of an independent media, intent on uncovering the truth at any cost. Noam Chomsky demonstrates that, in practice, the media in the developed world serve the interests of state and corporate power- despite protestations to the contrary. While individual journalists strive to abide by high standards of professionalism and integrity in their work, their paymasters the media corporations ultimately decide what we view, hear and read.

Rigorously documented, Necessary Illusions continues Chomsky’s celebrated tradition of profoundly insightful indictments of US foreigh and domestic that portrays the media as the servant of free speech and democracy.


About The Author : Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His recent books include The New Military Humanism, World orders, old and new, Class warfare.

Reviews :

‘A towering intellect.. powerful, always provocative.’--- Guardian

‘A superb polemicist who combines fluency of languages with a formidable intellect.’—Observer

‘Must be read by everyone concerned with public affairs.’ --- Edward Said


Author: Noam Chomsky

ISBN: 8130906244

Pages: 422

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Author Noam Chomsky
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