Nanotribology : Critical Assessment & Research Needs

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Nanotribology : Critical Assessment & Research Needs


By Stephen M. Hsu, Z. Charles Ying


Nanotribology: Critical Assessment and Research Needs is an excellent reference for both academic and industrial researchers working in the fields of nanotechnology, tribology, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, MEMS, NEMS, magnetic recording, and biomedical devices. It will also be of interest to those pursuing scanning probe microscopy, nanoimaging, mesomanufacturing, sensors, actuators, aerospace, defense (controllers, microsystems), and military systems.

Nanotribology: Critical Assessment and Research Needs provides a critical assessment of the current state of the art of nanotribology within the context of MEMS, mesomanufacturing, nanotechnology and microsystems. It contains chapters written by the leading experts in these fields. It identifies gaps in current knowledge and barriers to applications, and recommends research areas that need to be addressed to enable the rapid development of technologies.

Preface. Summary of Findings.
1. Nanotribology and the NSF
2. MEMS Program at DARPA
3. Scale Effects and the Molecular Origins of Tribological Behavior
4. Nanoscale Analysis of Wear Mechanisms
5. Dependence of Frictional Properties of Hydrocarbon Chains on Tip Contact Area
6. Nanohydrodynamics and Coherent Structures
7. Modeling Adhesive Forces for Ultra Low Flying Head Disk Interfaces
8. Self-Lubricating Buckyballs and Buckytubes for Nanobearings and Gears
9. Carbon Nanotubes: Objects of Well-Defined Geometry for New Studies in Nanotribiology
10. A Novel Frictional Force Microscope with 3-Dimensional Force Detection
11. Quantification of Friction in Microsystem Contacts
12. Nanoengineering and Tribophysics for MEMS
13. Materials and Reliability Issues in MEMs and Microsystems
14. Surface Characteristics of Integrated MEMS in High-Volume Production
15. Tribological Issues in the Implementation of a MEMS-Based Torpedo Safety and Arming Device
16. Challenges for Lubrication in High Speed MEMS
17. Electrical Phenomena at the Interface of Rolling Contact, Electrostatic Actuators
18. The Use of Surface Tension for the Design of MEMS Actuators
19. Mesoscale Machining Capabilities and Issues
20. An Overview of Nano-Micro-Meso Scale Manufacturing at the NIST
21. LIGA-Based Micromechanical Systems and Ceramic Nanocomposite Surface Coating
22. Nanotribology of Thin Film Magnetic Recording Media
23. Nanolubrication: Concept and Design

24. Molecularly Assembled Interfaces for Nanomachines
25. STM-QCM Studies of Vapor Phase Lubricants
26. Micro-Hardness and Micro-Wear Measurements on Magnetic Heads
27. Bonding and Interparticle Interactions of Silica Nanoparticles
28. Macroscale Insight from Nanoscale Testing
29. Surface Forces and Friction between Cellulose Surfaces in Aqueous Media


Authors: Stephen M. Hsu, Z. Charles Ying

ISBN: 8181283929

Pages: 456
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Author Stephen M. Hsu & Z. Charles Ying
Publisher Springer
Page count 456

Categories: Nanotechnology

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