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For everyday programming dilemmas and dare manipulation challenges, My SQL Cook Books offers dozens of short, focused peeves of code and hundred of worked out examples for programmers of all levels who don’t have the time or expertise to solve My SQL problems form scratch. Each recipe explains how and why the code works, so you’ll learn as you go.

This new edition covers MySQL 5.0 and its new features along, with the older but still wide spread MySQL 4.1. You’ll fid ways to formulate queries with SQL using the mysql client program and methods for writing programs that interact with the MySQL server through and API. There are plenty of new examples for using Perl. PHP, Python, Java, and even Ruby to retrieve and display data. And the book is now updated to include sub queries, views, stored routines, triggers, and events.

This quick solution resource also offers recipes to:

• Access data from multiple tables at the same time
• Find matches of mismatches between rows in two tables
• Store images into MySQL and retrieve them for display in web pages
• Enable strict mode to prevent entry of bad data into your database
• Create database events that execute according to a schedule

MySQL Cookbooks doesn’t attempt to develop full fledged, complex applications. Instead, it assists you in developing applications yourself by helping you get past problems that have you stumped.

About The Author

Paul DuBois was one of the first contributors to the online online MySQL Reference Manual, the documentation prefect that supported administrators and developers in the opening years of MySQL in the late1990s. He’s written several books on MySQL, including the first edition of MySQL Cookbook.

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