Murphy's Law Book Three

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Murphy's Law Book Three

Wrong Reasons Why Things Go More!

BY Arthur Bloch

In the tradition of the Number One Bestseller, Murphy's Law And Other Reasons Why Things Go Wrong! An Murphy's Law book two, comes - not too surprisingly - Murphy's Law Book Three. Once again DiGiovanni's Law. " The number of laws will expand to fill the publishing space available."

With this third volume, we begin to sense the limitlessness of man's potential, especially his potential for conjuring up new Laws to explain the truths in our everyday existence:

Perrussel's Law: There is no job so simple
That it can't done wrong.

The Diner's Dilemma: A clean tie attracts the soup of the day.

Glaser's Law: if it says "one size fits all,"
It doesn't fit anyone.

You will find laws of bureaucracy and business, home and humanity, covering all facets of everyday life, illustrating why things continue to go wrong. Also included is a beneral index to the laws in all three bolumes. This handy guide to morphology can help you find your favorite Laws.

In this volume Murphy has pointed the way to life's little truth, but can offerus no definite answer… after all, an Weiner's Law states:
There are no answers, only cros references.

Author: Arthur Bloch
Pages: 93
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