Mughal-e-Azam - An Epic of Eternal Love

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This book is a tribute to the imagination, hard work and determination that went into the making of the classic film Mughal-e-Azam - a legendary masterpiece, an epic love story, and a cinematic gem. It charts the legendary journey of this historic film right from its inception to its re-release in the coloured version.

Be it the breathing battle scenes, the sumptuous splendour of the Mughal court, the ostentations settings, the seductive song and dance sequences, and the eternal romance – the magic of Mughal-e-Azam just doesn’t seem to ebb. The book captures the grandeur of this extraordinary film, and also gives us an overview of the evolution of Hindi cinema with special mention of historical films made in India till date. It relives the making of some of the finest sequences in the film, the mellifluous music, changes in casting, friction between the director and the producer, the riveting drama, the superb dialogues and the fascinating profiles of the great artists behind the epic. The author provides a glimpse into that era which was written to the making of a masterpiece. The anecdotes and minutiae have been assembled with unsparing research to make the book informative and elegantly readable. Embellished with rare photographs and posters, this phenomental compilation is truly a collector’s item.

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ISBN 9788129113210
Author Shakil Warsi
Publisher Rupa Publication
Language English
Page count 168
Book Format Hard Bound

Categories: Bollywood

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