Mind The Gaffe

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Mind the Gaffe

The Penguin Guide To Common Errors In English

English may be the most widely spoken of all languages; it is also one of the most misused. Exasperated by the poor quality of written English he encounters every day, Larry Trask has set himself the task of listing and then analysing the most common slips and gaffes perpetrated by students, teachers, journalists and other professionals whose business is—theoretically, at least—words. With wit and panache he inveighs against sloppy thinking, poor grammar, clumsy style and a host of other language sins. His book will prove essential and salutory reading for anyone who ever puts pen to paper or finger to word processor

Author: R.L.Trasks
ISBN: 0143027999

Pages: 302

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Author R.L.Trasks
Publisher PENGUIN
Page count 302

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