Microwave Cooking By Tarla Dalal

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Microwave Cooking By Tarla Dalal

Do you use your microwave only for reheating food?

Then, this book is for you !

It is designed to help you make optimum use of your microwave oven.

It teaches you to cook mouth-watering delicacies in minutes.

From basics like soups to more time consuming dishes like curries, pulao's and desserts. This book has it all.

Recipes included are:

· Golden Broth

· Paneer Methi Palak

· Vegetable Makhanwala

· Baked Stuffed Potatos

· Mixed Dal

· Macaroni Supreme

· Masala Bhaat

· Savoury Rice With Vegetables

· Quick Bread and Butter Pudding

· Carrot Halwa

Author: Tarla Dalal
Pages: 62

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