Mastering Joomla! 1.5

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Joomla! Is the world’s hottest open-source content management system, and the winner of the 2006 Open Source CMS prize. Out of the box Joomla! does a great job of managing the content needed to make your website sing. But for many people, the true power of Joomla! Lies in its application frame work that makes it possible for thousands of developers around the world to create powerful add-ons and extensions. Many companies or organizations have requirements that go beyond what is available in the basic Joomla! Offers a powerfully application framework that makes it easy for developers to create sophisticated ass-ons that extend the power of Joomla! Into virtually unlimited directions.

What you will learn from this book

• The process of request to response, directory and URI structure along with a brief description of libraries
• Joomla’s common classes, variables, and constants crucial for creating Joomla! Extensions
• Extending the database, following conventions for database schema, and common fields
• Storing common types of data in standard fields and dealing with multilingual requirements and getting data from the Joomla! Database
• Using the JTable class getting data from the Joomla! Database
• Designing components using the MVC design pattern
• Packaging components with the required install and uninstall files
• Getting modules and components to work together
• Writing, loading, and translating plug-ins

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