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Updated for the 12th Edition of the Official Guide!

This comprehensive guide (123 pages) analyzes the GMAT's complex math word problems and provides structured frameworks for attacking each question type. Master the art of translating challenging word problems into organized data.

Chapter by Chapter:

1. ALGEBRAIC TRANSLATIONS: Translation Techniques, Variable Organization

2. RATES & WORK: RTD Charts, Average Rate, Simultaneous Motion, Clicking Charts, Basic Work, Working Together, Population

3. RATIOS: Labels, Proportions, Unknown Multipliers

4. COMBINATORICS: Factorials, Anagrams, Permutations, Combinations, Constraints

5. PROBABILITY: And vs. Or, 1 - x Shortcut, Domino Effect, Winning Scenarios, Counting Methods

6. STATISTICS: Average Formula, Median, Standard Deviation

7. OVERLAPPING SETS: Double-Set Matrix, Sets & Percents, Sets & Algebraic Representation, Venn Diagrams

8. STRATEGIES FOR DATA SUFFICIENCY: Sample Data Sufficiency Rephrasing

9. OFFICIAL GUIDE PROBLEM SETS: Problem Solving List, Data Sufficiency List

Purchase of this book includes one year of online access to the following:

* 6 computer adaptive online practice exams
* Bonus Online Question Bank for Fractions, Decimals & Percents
* Online updates to the content in this book

Important Note:
The 6 computer adaptive online exams included with the purchase of this book are the SAME exams that you receive upon purchasing ANY book in Manhattan GMAT's 8 Book Preparation Series.

About The Authors:

Manhattan GMAT 's 8 preparation guides were developed by its talented staff of real teachers, all of whom have scored in the 99th percentile on the official GMAT. As the company focuses solely on the GMAT (no other tests), it continually updates the guides to reflect the GMAT's most current trends. Questions are refined and strategies enhanced, blending the academic and test-taking skills that have been essential to the success of Manhattan GMAT students around the world.

The nation's largest GMAT-exclusive preparation provider, Manhattan GMAT was founded by Zeke Vanderhock. A Yale graduate, Zeke taught as a member of Teach for America at a New York City public junior high school, earned a Masters in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University's Teachers College, and supplemented his day job by tutoring individuals in various subjects at all education levels. Word-of-mouth referrals soon brought in a remarkably high number of GMAT test-takers, and thus Manhattan GMAT and its prep guides were born.

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