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A go-to guide for all those aiming to ace the Sentence Correction part of the GMAT, Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction: Includes 6 Free Online Exams & More (Volume - 8) is inundated with high quality study material and a content based perspective. This edition is fully revamped and is in complete adherence with the recent changes in the GMAT pattern.

Summary Of The Book

GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test is conducted in over 110 countries and qualifies students for admissions in various business and financial schools across the globe. Administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), this test evaluates applicants on their reading and writing skills, and their analytical and quantitative abilities. Considered one of the toughest examinations on par with the GRE, it plays a very crucial role in deciding a student's prospects for higher studies. Presently, about 83 countries consider GMAT scores as a top priority criterion during their selections. And, students are known to start grooming themselves for this test years in advance.

To facilitate such rigorous preparation and to provide GMAT aspirants with an edge, Manhattan Prep Publishing, one of the leading creators of preparatory texts, has brought out this remarkable guide. In accordance with the 13th edition of GMAC official guide, this text was created exclusively to address the Sentence Correction section of the examination. Not only does it cover all the major principles of English grammar, it also examines those minor subtleties of the language which are often tested in the GMAT.

Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction: Includes 6 Free Online Exams & More (Volume - 8) comprises 13 chapters and 2 appendices. The best feature of this purchase is that it gives the buyer year long access to the online Question Bank for Sentence Correction and 6 computer adaptive tests.

The book, in itself, contains an all inclusive list of GMAT specific idioms, along with chapters that explore the basics of grammar like Pronouns and the Subject-Verb Agreement. Other chapters discuss varied topics like Modifiers, Comparisons, and Parallelism. Enclosed as an appendix is the very useful Official Guide Problem Set.

Manhattan Prep Publishing is internationally recognized in the field of Prep Text Publication and has offices in different countries. The company has developed this book with its team of highest quality instructors, concentrating on rendering the best available curriculum.

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