Manhattan GMAT Number Properties Strategy Guide

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Updated for the 12th Edition of the Official Guide!

The Number Properties Guide (160 pages) provides a comprehensive analysis of the properties and rules of integers tested on the GMAT. Learn, practice, and master everything from prime products to perfect squares.

Each chapter builds comprehensive content understanding by providing rules, strategies and in-depth examples of how the GMAT tests a given topic and how you can respond accurately and quickly. The Guide contains a total of 161 "In-Action" problems of increasing difficulty with detailed answer explanations.

Chapter by Chapter:

DIVISIBILITY & PRIMES: Integers, Rules of Divisibility, Multiples, Divisibility & Addition/Subtraction, Prime Factorization, Factor Foundation Rule, Prime Boxes, Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, Other Applications, Remainders (Advanced), Advanced GCF & LCM Techniques, Counting Total Factors (Advanced)

ODDS & EVENS: Arithmetic Rules, Special Case of Divisibility, Algebraic Representations, Testing Odd & Even Cases, Sum of Two Primes

POSITIVES & NEGATIVES: Absolute Value, Distance as Absolute Value, Double Negative, Multiplying & Dividing Signed Numbers, Testing Positive & Negative Cases, Disguised Questions, Complex Absolute Value Equations (Advanced)

CONSECUTIVE INTEGERS: Properties of Evenly Spaced Sets, Counting Integers in Series, Sum of Consecutive Integers, Products & Sums of Consecutive Integers & Divisibility, Advanced Divisibility Concepts

EXPONENTS: Properties and Rules of Exponents, Special Bases, Simplifying Exponential Expressions, Common Exponent Errors, Factoring and Distributing Exponents (Advanced)

ROOTS: General Rules of Roots, Roots and Fractional Exponents, Simplifying Roots, Imperfect vs. Perfect Squares, Simplifying & Estimating Roots of Imperfect Squares, Common Root Errors, Common Squares and Cubes, Simplifying Roots with Prime Factorization (Advanced), Adding & Subtracting Roots (Advanced), Conjugates (Advanced)

PEMDAS: Order of Operations, Subtraction of Expressions, Fraction Bars and Grouping Symbols

Special Features

Purchase of this book includes one year of access to ManhattanGMAT’s online Number Properties Question Bank (accessible by inputting a unique code in the back of each book).

Manhattan GMAT has categorized all the Number Properties problems in The Official Guides by question type. These categorized problems have been organized into problem lists that appear in the Number Properties Strategy Guide. 

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