Manhattan GMAT Geometry Strategy Guide

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Updated for the 12th Edition of the Official Guide!

The Geometry Guide (112 pages) illustrates every geometric principle, formula, and problem type tested on the GMAT. Understand and master the intricacies of shapes, planes, lines, angles, and objects.

Each chapter builds comprehensive content understanding by providing rules, strategies and in-depth examples of how the GMAT tests a given topic and how you can respond accurately and quickly. The Guide contains a total of 83 "In-Action" problems of increasing difficulty with detailed answer explanations.

All Strategy Guides come with 6 Full-Length Computer Adaptive Online Practice GMAT Exams.

Special Features
Purchase of this book includes one year of access to ManhattanGMAT’s online Geometry Question Bank (accessible by inputting a unique code in the back of each book).

Manhattan GMAT has categorized all the Geometry problems in The Official Guides by question type. These categorized problems have been organized into problem lists that appear in the Geometry Strategy Guide.

Chapter by Chapter:

POLYGONS: Quadrilaterals, Interior Angles, Perimeter, Area, Dimensionality, Surface Area, Volume, Maximum Area (Advanced)

TRIANGLES & DIAGONALS: Side-Angle Relationships, Triangle Theorems, Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles, Special Ratios, Polygon Diagonals, Similar Triangles, Area Revisited

CIRCLES & CYLINDERS: Circumference, Arc Length, Perimeter, Area, Sectors, Inscribed & Central Angles, Cylinder Surface Area & Volume

LINES & ANGLES: Intersecting Lines, Parallel Lines, Exterior Angles, Transversals

COORDINATE PLANE: Slopes, Intercepts, Slope-Intercept Equation, Distance, Quadrants, Perpendicular Bisectors, Intersectino of 2 Lines, Function Graphs and Quadratics (Advanced)

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