Manhattan GMAT Critical Reasoning Strategy Guide

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Updated for the 12th Edition of the Official Guide!


The Critical Reasoning Guide (200 pages) simplifies arguments by illustrating innovative diagramming techniques designed to increase comprehension and improve accuracy.

Each chapter builds comprehensive content understanding by providing rules, strategies and in-depth examples of how the GMAT tests a given topic and how you can respond accurately and quickly. The Guide contains a total of 70 "In-Action" problems of increasing difficulty with detailed answer explanations.

Special Features

Purchase of this book includes one year of access to ManhattanGMAT’s online Critical Reasoning Question Bank (accessible by inputting a unique code in the back of each book).

Manhattan GMAT has categorized all the Critical Reasoning problems in The Official Guides by question type. These categorized problems have been organized into problem lists that appear in the Critical Reasoning Strategy Guide.

Chapter By Chapter

ARGUMENT STRUCTURE: Parts of an Argument, Finding a Conclusion, Common Signal Words, Identifying Conclusions and Premises, An Alternate Way

DIAGRAMMING: The T-Diagram, Efficient Diagramming, Model Arguments

GENERAL STRATEGY: Question Stem, "Except" Questions, Boundary and Extreme Words in Question Stem, Process of Elimination, Boundary and Extreme Words in Answer Choices

FIND THE ASSUMPTION: Close Ties to the Conclusion, Categories of Assumptions, Wrong Answer Choice Types, Least Extreme negation (Advanced)

DRAW A CONCLUSION: Stay Close to the Premises, Use Real Numbers, Make an Inference, Wrong Answer Choice Types

STRENGTHEN THE CONCLUSION: S-W-Slash Chart, Decide Between Two Attractive Answer Choices, Wrong Answer Choice Types

WEAKEN THE CONCLUSION: Argument/Conterargument, S-W Slash Chart Revisited, Wrong Answer Choice Types

MINOR QUESTION TYPES: Explain an Event or Discrepancy, Analyze the Argument Structure, Evaluate the Conclusion, Resolve a Problem, Provide an Example, Restate the Conclusion, Mimic the Argument

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