Making Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Shares

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This book is a modern investment classic and an international bestseller. A very simple idea, which the author calls The Zullu Priciple, powers its fame and success - the idea that to make big profits, an individual investor should focus on a narrow area and fully master a few things. Such mastery then gives the individual investor an edge over professional investor who have access to vast, up to date information and news, analysts, charting experts, computer models, and what you have.

The book reveals and describes 5 different ways of applying The Zulu Principle for making big profits by buying shares of dynamic small cap growth companies, turnarounds, cyclical companies, shell companies, and industry leading companies. The author also explains when to buy such shares and, even more important, when to sell them - in essence, everything you need to know to make extraordinary profits from ordinary shares.

About the Author
Jim Slater trained as an accountant. He first became interested in investment in the sixties, while a director at a British Leyland subsidary. After publicising his methods via a column in The Sunday Telegraph, he launched the investment conglomerate Slater Walker, which he chaired until 1973. The company was known for its aggressive acquisitions in every area from banking to property. It collapsed in the 1973-74 recession, leaving Slater bankrupt to the tune of about 4 million pounds in today's money.

He fought his way back to properity through private propert deals and writing for small investors. In 1990, he published his main work, The Zulu Principle. This popularised the use of financial ratio devised in America, known as the PEG, or Price Earnings Growth Ratio. He has since devised a monthly publication called Company REFS (Really Essential Financial Statistics), which helps investors to apply his system by listing PEGs and other key ratios and information on all UK companies.

Now living in Surrey, but far from retired, he is still very active in educating investors through his book and lectures. He is also a very active investor and a substantial shareholder in a number of public companies.

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