Little Book of Maths Theorems, Theories and Things

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Somebody came up to Ralph P Boas, Jr. (1912-92), a distinguished American mathematician, after a talk he had given, and said,'You make mathematics seem like fun.' Boas was inspired to reply: 'If it isn't fun, why do it?'

Mathematics is indeed fun as this little book testifies. This book presents a unique collection of mathematical ideas, theories, theorems, conjectures, rules, facts, equations, formulas, paradoxes, fallacies and puzzles with short, simple and witty explanation that require no background in mathematics. It is peppered with anecdotes, quotes, limericks and poems showing the quirky and amusing side of mathematics and of people who have added, in the words of Roger Bacon (1214-92), 'things to this world which cannot be made known without knowledge of mathematics'.

Get ready for a fascinating walk through mathematics.

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ISBN 9788122204160
Author Surendra Verma
Publisher Orient Publishing
Language English
Page count 168
Book Format Paper Back

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