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.Net applications are object-oriented, but the data is not. That’s the situation when you’re using a relational database, XML and many other data stores, and for each you need a separate programming solution. Microsoft’s Language Integrated Query, known as LINQ, is a set of .NET framework and language extensions that offers a single, simple way to query data of any form directly from C#3 and VB.NET 9. On top of that, your persistence code gets the same compile-time syntax checking, static typing, and Intellisense available to the rest of your code.

Written for C# and VB developers of all levels, LINQ in Action ramps up quickly from zero knowledge at first to a substantial depth at the end. In it, you’ll ecplore the key language features like lambda expressions, extension methods, and anonymous data types that make LINQ possible. Following a running example, the book walks you through core techniques to query objects, relational database, and XML. You’ll master the Standard Query Operations along with the instantly-familiar SQL-like syntax of LINQ’s query expressions. You’ll also learn to build custom LINQ solutions such as the books clever “LINQ to Amazon”.

What’s Inside:-

    * Fully tested against the final version of .NET 3.5
    * All code examples in both C#3 and VB.NET 9
    * LINQ to objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML, and more
    * How to do domain-specifc LINQ customization

About the Author:

Fabrice Marguerie is a software architect and develop based in Paris, France. A C # MVP, Fabrice has worked with LINQ from the first prototype. Steven Eichert is an architect with Algorithmics, Inc.. based in Philadelphia, PA. Jim Wooley is a VB.NET MVP, INETA Membership Mentor for Georgia and frequent speaker at user events.

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Author Fabrice Marguerie, Steve Eichert and Jim Wooley
Publisher Dreamtech Press
Language English
Page count 542
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