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Simplicity appeals everybody, and simplicity has been the hallmark of this book in not only in its previous eight editions, but also in the Hindi, Gujarathi, Japanese and the US editions. This book doesn’t assume any programming background. It begins with the basics and steadily builds the pace so that the reader finds it easy to handle complicated topics towards the end. Each chapter has been designed to create a deep and lasting impression on the reader’s mind. “If taught though examples, any concept becomes easy to grasp”. This book follows this dictum faithfully. Yashavant has created well thought out programming examples for every aspect of C programming. Today’s C programmer has to master three things – intricacies of the C language, how it works under Windows & Linux and how to use it in today’s internet-centric world. This book covers all these three aspects of C programming very well. Some of the highlighting features of the books are:

Traditional C Programming

    * Pointers
    * Complete build process
    * Low-level File I/O
    * Structures, Unions, Bit-fields
    * Bitwise Operators

C Under Windows

    * Windows Programming Model
    * Windows Messaging Architecture
    * Mouse Programming
    * GDI

C Under Linux

    * Signals and Signal Handling
    * Blocking of signals
    * Event Driven Programming
    * Process, PIDs, Zombies
    * Forking of process
    * GNOME Programming Using GTK Library

Internet Programming

    * TCP/IP model
    *  Winsock Library
    *  Building Time Clients
    * Sending & Receiving emails
    *  Whois and HTTP clients

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Author Yashavant Kanetkar
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