Lecture Notes Medical Microbiology & Infection

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Lecture Notes Medical Microbiology & Infection

By Tom Elliott, Tony Worthington, Husan Osman, Martin Gill

A core text for students, Lecture Notes: Medical Microbiology and Infection has been updated and revised in this fourth edition to cover all essential areas of medical microbiology and infection. The text's structure also lends itself to being a useful reference for junior doctors, nurses and GPs.

Written in a clear and easily digestible format, this text covers the basic science of pathogens and follows this with a chapter on Antimicrobial Agents and then a regionally-based approach to infection. With a new author team, new 2-colour design and inclusion of new pedagogical features, Lecture Notes: Medical Microbiology and Infection provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the topic area.

Basic microbiology
1 Basic bacteriology: structure
2 Basic bacteriology: physiology
3 Basic bacteriology: genetics
4 Classification of bacteria
5 Staphylococci
6 Streptococci and enterococcci
7 Clostridia
8 Other Gram-positive bacteria
9 Gram-negative cocci
10 Enterobacteriaceae
11 Parvobacteria
12 Pseudomonas and other aerobic Gram-negative bacilli
13 Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Vibrios
14 Treponema, Borrelia and Leptospira
15 Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria
16 Mycobacteria
17 Chlamydiae, Rickettsiaceae, mycoplasmas and L-forms
18 Basic virology
19 Major virus groups
20 Basic mycology and classification of fungi
21 Parasitology: protozoa
22 Parasitology: metazoa (helminths)

Applied microbiology
23 Host-parasite relationships
24 Diagnostic laboratory methods
25 Epidemiology and prevention of infection
26 Management of infections
27 Immunization
28 Sterilization and disinfection

Antimicrobial agents
29 Antibacterial agents
30 Antifungal agents
31 Antiviral agents

32 Upper respiratory tract infections
33 Lower respiratory tract infections
34 Gastrointestinal infections
35 Liver and biliary tract infections
36 Urinary tract infections
37 Genital Infections (including sexually transmitted infections)
38 Infections of central nervous system
39 Septicaemia and bacteraemia
40 Device-related infections
41 Drug-resistant microorganisms
42 Cardiovascular infections
43 Bone and joint infections
44 Skin and soft-tissue infections
45 Infections in the compromised host
46 Perinatal and congenital infections
47 Human immunodeficiency viruses
48 Miscellaneous viral infections
Subject index
Organism index

About The Authors
Professor Tom Elliott, Consultant Microbiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Medical School, Birmingham

Martin Gill, Division of Immunity and Infection, University of Birmingham Medical School

Husan Osman, Clinical Virologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Medical School, Birmingham

Tony Worthington, Department of Microbiology, Aston University

Authors: Tom Elliott, Tony Worthington, Husan Osman, Martin Gill

ISBN: 1405129328

Pages: 288

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Author Martin Gill
Publisher Ane
Page count 288

Categories: Biological Science

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