Kishore Kumar - Method In Madness

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"As is well known, Kishore Kumar was a man of many parts. He was a singer by choice, an actor by compulsion, a filmmaker by conviction.... a writer, music composer, lyricist and above all, a supreme impresario--the greatest Hindi cinema has seen. There was another side to him. He was known to be a miser, a madman and a troublemaker who could never be trusted. And then, there are those who knew him well insist that he was as sober as a monk and that all the bizarre and outrageous personality traits he projected were in total opposition to his true nature. So who was the real Kishore Kumar?

This book attempts to provide an answer to the question by dwelling into the different facets of his personality, while also probing into little known aspects of his personal life. Each of these facets is dealt with at length in separate chapters--arranged in a manner that tracks his journey through life, from a shy, little boy in Khandwa to the biggest badshah of 'boompity boom' in Bollywood. Providing a well-rounded picture of his personality, this book also has many rare and lively pictures to supplement the text."

Contents: 1. Kishore: the kid. 2. The prankster. 3. The actor. 4. The romantic. 5. The singer. 6. The composer. 7. The filmmaker. 8. The entertainer. 9. The family man. 10. The enigma. The image gallery.

About the Author: Derek Bose is a veteran journalist, having held senior editorial positions in India's premier news organizations, the Press Trust of India and Indian Express in Bombay. He has travelled extensively worldwide and currently represents a British ethnic newspaper. Asian Leader, as its special correspondent in India. Apart from being a student of cinema. Bose is a prolific Sunday painter and has directed several short films, including the award-winning documentary, Dance of the Gods.

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