King Khan SRK (Shahrukh Khan)

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Shah Rukh Khan’s is the kind of success story that colours movielore – the outsider who gatecrashed into Bollywood and stayed on to reach superstardom, leaving all his contemporaries behind.

Over the last decade or so, as Hindi cinema has grown and reached out to audiences across the world, especially the South Asian diaspora, Shah Rukh’s fame and popularity have grown in proportion. He personifies the media- savvy, money-smart, focused professional that today’s world idolizes. He made movies that were blockbusters, he created the SRK brand, and with a production company in place and a special effects set-up and a studio in the works, his aim of becoming the complete movie moghul now looks achievable.

When a star of his statue approaches a career milestone of sixty films, and gets to a stage where he clearly needs to chart unexplored territory, it is perhaps time for a mid-career assessment. That is what Deepa Gahlot, journalist, critic, columnist, editor, author and screenwriter, attempts to do in this book, by analyzing the various phrases of Shah Rukh’s life and career and putting them in perspective.

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Author Deepa Gahlot
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