Investing in Common Stocks

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David Scott's Guides

Build Your Wealth By Mastering Scott’s Basic Strategies For

  • Selecting Common Stocks

  • Buying And Selling Common Stock Shares

  • Saving On Fees

  • Assessing Risks And Opportunities

  • And More

Decipher the complex world of common stocks with this straightforward and informative guide.

David Scott’s Guide to Investing in Common Stocks explains what you need to know before making crucial financial decisions about buying, selling, and holding common stocks in today’s market. Scott analyzes the role common stocks play in a balanced portfolio and helps you make informed decisions in this important area of investing.

You will learn

  •   How common stocks are valued and traded

  • How to select a broker and a brokerage firm

  • The importance of establishing investment goals

  • How to purchase and redeem common stock shares

  • Where to find information on specific stocks

  • Ways to assess the risks of investing in common stocks


Subject Business
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Author David Scott
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