Investing From Scratch

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Investing From Scratch

A Handbook for the Young Investor

By James Lowell

You don’t have to be Rich to invest your way to wealth!

We all want to make our money work harder. But navigating today’s markets can seem a little confusing – unless you have financial expert James Lowell at your side. In this totally revised and updated edition of his popular guide for investors in their twenties and thirties, he delivers straight-forward advice on finding your best investment options, reducing the overall risk, and achieving a substantial return on your money.

Learn to:

· Create a budget you can live and Invest with

· Read the financial pages like a pro

· Pick winning stocks, Bonds or mutual funds

· Optimize your IRA and 40 I (K) returns

· And much more

Offering everything you need to understand the market and get the most out of it including a chapter on ETFs, Investing from scratch will put you in charge of your financial future – today.

Author: James Lowell

ISBN: 9780143036845

Pages: 422

Size: 21.2cm X 13.9

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Author James Lowell
Publisher PENGUIN
Page count 422

Categories: Stock, Investment & Taxes

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