Invertebrate Zoology - 2/E

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Invertebrate Zoology - 2/E

By D.T. Anderson

The first edition of Invertebrate Zoology offered undergraduates studying the biology and evolution of invertebrate animals a new approach to the subject. While the text of this second edition has been revised significantly, the origional format has been maintained and enhanced. The chapters, written by expert authors, provide contemporary accounts of the functional, physiological, and reproductive biology of the invertebrate phyla. The final chapter of the book reviews modern interpretations of the phylogeny of invertebrates, based on cladistic and molecular evidence. The study of invertebrates has advanced rapidly in recent years, and several major changes are highlighted in this new edition. Separate chapters now reflect the recognition that the former 'aschelminths' include two disparate groups of phyla, a protosome group related to annelids nad molluscs, and an ecdysozoan group related to arthropods. All classifications have been updated and the relationships among the phyla have been further clarified. Generously illustrated throughout, and with an emphasis on readability and clear presentation, this book will be a valuable resource for all students of invertebrate zoology as well as for those involved in current advances in the biological sciences.

1. The invertebrate phyla
2. The Porifera
3. The Cnidaria and Ctenophora
4. The Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, Entoprocta and Gnathostomulida
5. The pseudocoelomate protostomes
6. The pseudocoelomate Ecdysozoa
7. The Mollusca
8. The Annelida and their close relatives
9. The Onychophora and Tarigrada
10. Introduction to the Arthropods
11. The Hexapoda
12. The Myriapoda
13. The Crustacea
14. The Chelicerata
15. The Lophophorates: Phoronida, Brachiopoda, and Ectoprocta
16. The Echinodermata
17. The Invertebrate Chordata, Hemichordata and Chaetognatha
18. Metazoan Phylogeny

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Edited by D. T. Anderson, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney

Authors: D.T. Anderson

ISBN: 0195686004

Pages: 476

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Author D.T. Anderson
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