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An Ethical Hacking Guide To Intrusion Detection (Project Hacking Kitaab)

In today's connected networking environment, network security breaches are on the rise. The technology and techniques used to break into a protected network is getting more sophisticated day by day. Malicious hackers are everywhere, looking for loopholes in your network to launch an attack. Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hacker's Guide to Intrusion Detection introduces you to the concepts of Intrusion Detection and the various intrusion detection products. Three of the most popular IDS systems (Unix/Linux and Windows Environment) are covered. This book shows you, step-by-step, how to start and work with an Intrusion Detection System. You will learn about-

    * Computer Security and Intrusion Detection
    * The Attack Framework and Attack Models
    * Types and Categories of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems
    * Various kind of attacks, including Distributed DoS with Reflectors (DRDoS)
    * Principles of an Intrusion Detection System
    * Types of IDS Architecture
    * Concepts of TCP/IP that are important for understanding the working of IDS
    * Working with TCPDUMP
    * SNORT Intrusion Detection System.

If you are looking for a beginners' guide to network security and Intrusion Detection Systems, this is the book for you.

Author the Author –

ANKIT FADIA is acknowledged worldwide as a prodigy on computer security and cyber-terrorism. At 22 years of age, he has the rare distinction of having authored seven internationally best-selling books. He has conducted more than 1000 seminars in 25 countries, received 45 awards, set up his own computer security consulting, training and publishing company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with operations all across the Asia Pacific region, and runs independent courses. Based out of the Silicon Valley in California, USA, he has provided customized security solutions to an impressive clientele across North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. He is regularly invited by BBC World News, London, UK, to share the latest updates on computer security.

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ISBN 9788125922520
Author Ankit Fadia
Publisher Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Language English
Page count 262
Book Format Paperback

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