Interlinking of Indian Rivers

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Interlinking of Indian Rivers

In our Indian culture, rivers are worshipped as life-giving mother. For an agricultural country like India, rivers are even more important. Based on a comprehensive research, the book explains the social, economic and commercial significance of linking of rivers in the country. The present book also discusses National Water Policy and disputes over distribution of water resources all over the sub-continent of India.

For the mankind, the main source of water is the surface water that flows in the rivers. This underlines the importance of river as main source of water. In our country changing the names of five rivers during worship and bath is an old tradition. While discussing the water resources of India, it is generally assumed that in a country of topical Monsoon type of climate water is available in abundance. But this is a wrong notion. Even during monsoons, some parts of the country face scarcity, due to irregularities in rainfall.

In this book, a humble attempt has been made to provide the different views and opinions expressed by experts, media persons and politicians in authority. The author like to clarify that the book is not a product of research or work of scholarship, but a simple and timely attempt of exposition of facts and discussion, which covers a number of inter connected issues. This book also provides a platform for discussions while debating the prospects and problems in inter-basin transfer of water in India.

About the Author:

The author Radha Kant Bharati born at Nalanda, Bihar in 1939 has been a serious scholar of Geography. He has edited Bhagirath, a journal of water resources, for several years. He has written copiously on aspects related to geography, tourism, sociology, etc. His documentaries on major rivers of India have been highly appreciated and won fellowship of Royal Geographical Society, London.

Author: Radha Kant Bharati
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Author Radha Kant Bharati

Categories: Biological Science

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