Industrial And Environmental Biotechnology

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Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

By Nuzhat Ahmed, Fouad M Qureshi, Obaid Y Khan


Chapter no. 1. Mlecular Mechanisms Regulating the Catechol and Chlorocatechol Biodegradative Operons

Chapter no. 2. Biotreatment of Phenotic Waste of a Typical Pharmaceutical Plant

Chapter no. 3. Genes for Pentachlorophenol Degradation and the Bacteria that Contain Them

Chapter no. 4. Toxic Metal Resistances : Molecular Biology and the Poetential for Bioremediation

Chapter no. 5. Characterizations of Copper and Chromate Resistant Bacteria Isolated From Karachi Tanneries Effuents

Chapter no. 6. Microbial Processes for Solubilization or Immobilization of metals and Metalloids and their Potential for Environmental Bioremediation

Chapter no. 7. Resistance and Accumulation of Heavy Metals by indigenous Bacteria Bioremediation

Chapter. 8. Application of Microorganisms to the Decontamination of Heavy Metal Bearing Wastes

Chapter 9. Novel Biocatalytic Routes to Semisynthetic Opiate Drugs

Chapter 10. Influence of Ammonium Concentration on Citric Acid and Biomass Production from Sugarcane Molasses by 2 Deoxy D Glucose Resistant Mutant Strain of Aspergillus Niger

Chapter 11. Tissue and Cell Culture for Sugarcane Improvement

Chapter 12. Seed Potato Production Strategy Through Tissue Culture

Chapter 13. Applications of Molecular Methods for Typing Bactria

Chapter 14. Plasma Protein Studies of Patients with Mental Disorders and Normal Individuals.

Author: Nuzhat Ahmed, Fouad M Qureshi, Obaid Y Khan

ISBN: 1898486301

Pages: 196

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Author Nuzhat Ahmed, Fouad M Qureshi, Obaid Y Khan
Publisher Ane
Page count 196

Categories: Biological Science

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