Indian Costumes

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Indian Costumes


By Anamika Pathak

Indian costumes as seen today are an outcome of nearly four thousand years of history wrought with significant political, economic, social and cultural upheavals and influences. Consequently, costumes, which form an integral part of any historically dominant culture in India, also underwent several crucial transformations. Indian Costumes presents an overview of Indian costumes from the Vedic times to the 20th century, with special focus on the prevalent vestimentary cultures of Northern, Eastern and Northeastern, Western and Central, and Southern India, studied in separate sections. Each section attempts to present the history and traditions of the local costumes, their variations according to occasion and social hierarchy- royalty, elite groups, soldiers, dancers, and the common man, to name just a few- as well as their jewellery and other accessories. Finely illustrated book, Indian Costumes takes us through the dazzling array of styles, shades and designs that have held people across the world spellbound since time immemorial.


Author: Anamika Pathak
ISBN: 8174363769
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