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In one volume, all the essential tools:

-    Overview of the topic,
-    Chronology of important events,
-    Glossary of terms,
-    Biographical listing,
-    Complete index,
-    Plus a fully annotated bibliography

The United States has been called a nation of immigrants – from those who have just begun new lives in the United States to the descendants of the first people who crossed the Being Strait from Asia to North America more than 10,000 years ago-everyone in the nation has a connection to a different place.

Immigration has become one of the most important – and divisive – issues currently facing the people of the United States. A dramatic rise in illegal immigration, the end of the cold war, a rapidly aging population, and the emergence of an international war on terror have combined during the past two decades to create an untested environment for the development of immigration policy that both protects national security, recognizes humanitarian obligations, and realistically  appraises economic needs and abilities. The choices regarding  immigration, ultimately made by voters, will go far toward determining the social and economic future of the country. Immigration contains clear and essential information from multiple perspectives that allows the reader to explore this important issue.

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