Humanity Amidst Insanity

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Hope During and After The INDO – PAK Partition

A novel approach by an Indian and two Pakistani journalists to bring the humane and positive episodes of the 1947 partition holocaust, to the fore. A series of interviews of the survivers of Indo –Pak partition who own their survival to the other community. Tales of hope and faith in the crisis of humanity, when people were killing each other in the name of religion these angels of sanity helped the innocent and gave them life.

An analytical approach to the good involved and practiced during the times of violence and terror. A new look at the relations that could become a reality for the Indo-Pak partition sores which have long been unhealed.

ISBN 9788174766300
Author Tridivesh Singh Maini, Tahir Malik and Ali Farooq Malik
Language English
Page count 186

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