How To Know God By Deepak Chopra

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How To Know God

The Soul’s Journey Into The Mystery Of Mysteries

Dr. Deepak Chopra takes us step by step from the first stage, where the brain’s “fight or flight” response leads us to a God who is an all-powerful and sometimes unpredictable parent, to the seventh stage, where the brain experiences God as pure being, beyond thought, a sacred presence. It is at this seventh stage that we attain a true, life-changing spiritual understanding of the world and our place in it; it is the level at which saints and sages dwell. All seven stages are available to each of us, all the time.

In this book, Dr. Deepak Chopra charts a fascinating course as he explores mysticism, religious ecstacy, genius, telepathy, multiple personality and clairvoyance, drawing insights from psychology, neurology and physics, as well as from the great religions. The result is vintage Chopra applied to the greatest subject of the entire ultimate quest.

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