Guitar Heaven

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"Guitar Heaven" is the first book of its kind. Much more than a dry, two-dimensional approach - as adopted by so many existing guitar titles - the book will evoke all the atmosphere of the image and music surrounding the guitar. The book is organized alphabetically to allow fascinating juxtapositions between guitar manufacturers, and features around 50 iconic instruments. Insightful text by guitar authority Neville Marten explains the impact of the iconic guitar, why the instrument became an icon, and the relationship between the guitar and its most famous player. Gorgeous photography, some specially commissioned for this book, shows the instruments as objects of beauty, evokes the atmosphere surrounding the guitar, and shows the guitar in the hands of a famous guitar master. Summary boxes are provided for each icon, giving information on famous exponents, technical features, and the musical styles that each allowed. Each guitar is also accompanied by quotes from guitar-playing legends on why it was their instrument of choice.

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ISBN 9781845333040
Author Neville Marten
Language English
Page count 224
Book Format Hardbound

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