Grammar Smart Junior (2ND Edition)

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Good Grammar Made Easy


  • Stop being intimidated by scary diagrammed sentences
  • Make peace with parts of speech and sentence structure
  • Includes a handy list of commonly misused and confused words 


A Parents’ Choice Award—Winning Series

Take a fun-filled trip through TV Land with your grammar-teaching buddies, Bridget, Babette, Barnaby, Sondra, Taylor, and their feline friend Beauregard. You’ll be amazed as all of those troublesome elements of grammar–parts of speech, parts of a sentence, agreement, and modifiers–are explained as you hang out with the cast of Friends in Central Perk, travel to Springfield to visit The Simsons, and conjure up the ghost of television shows past to see what The Brady Bunch is up to.

You’ll be able to learn quickly and have fun at the same time. Your teachers will be impressed. Your parents will be impressed. Your friends will be impressed. The whole WORLD will be impressed. You’ll finally know your grammar backwards and forwards and you’ll never have to worry about it again.


Author Liz Buffa
Imprint date 2
Page count 191

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