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Learn advanced yet easy-to-use techniques you can apply right away conduct highly effective Google Searched and get exact matches save money, find long lost friends, search while you sleep, and much more.

Get the most out of your Google searches and find the exact information you need with help from this hands-on guide. "Google Power: Unleash the Full Potential of Google" takes you under the hood of the ultimate search engine and shows you how to turbo charge your Google searching for maximum results. In the first part of the book, youll find out how to access the wide array of power tools that are hidden beneath the surface of Googles clean, simple interface. Then youll get hundreds of proven tips and techniques that will dramatically improve your searching--no matter what youre looking for. . .

    *        Customize Google for your own power searching needs .
    *        Master the art of Googling people including ancestors, old friends, doctors--even yourself.
    *        Find quality, reliable information on medicine and technology.
    *        Get up-to-the-minute news from thousands of sources at Google News.
    *        Set up automated tools that search while you sleep.
    *        Recover content thats been removed from the web .
    *        Find and buy exactly what youre looking for with Froogle.
    *        Locate travel deals that can save you thousands of dollars.
    *        Mine business information and competitive intelligence.
    *        Hack Google via Web APIs.
    *        Be the first to use cutting-edge technology developed at Google Labs.
    *        Access Usenet through Google Groups. .

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ISBN 9780072257880
Author Chris Sherman
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Language English
Page count 434
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