Golf Cures and Fixes

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For most people, golf is a succession of shots followed by an anguished inquest as to why the ball did not fly straight and true towards the pin. "Golf Cures and Fixes" is the pocket first-aid manual to solve these problems. It is divided first by club (drivers, long irons etc) and then by problem (shank, fade, slice, hook etc) and explains and fixes each of those problems directly by way of diagrams, text, tips and photography. The star feature of the book is its amazingly useful club-by-club, shot-by-shot structure. Readers know precisely where to look in the book and the comprehensive nature of the structure assures them that the book contains an explanation and cure for every conceivable problem. 

About the Author:
Steve Newell is an experienced golf writer who has worked with many of the world's leading players & teachers. As well as being the instruction editor at Golf World for over 10 years, he has written many golf books including How To Build a Classic Golf swing and The Complete Short Game, both with three-time US Open Champion Ernie Els.  Steve also collaborated with world-reowned coach John Jacobs on The 50 Greatest Golf Lessons of the 20th Century and 50 Years of Golfing Wisdom.  His book The Golf Instruction Manual has earned glowing worldwide.  Steve now primarily works with Ernie Els, managing his website and writing features for magazines and websites all over the world.

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ISBN 9781845333640
Author Steve Newell
Publisher Octopus Publishing Imprint
Language English
Page count 176
Book Format Hardbound

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