Global Warming: There Is Still Time To Act

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Global warming has revently acquired significance as a global issue and is being linked directly with the survival of manking on this planet. Various studies carried out by scientists across the world over the last four or five decades have clearly pointed out to a gradual increase in global temperatures. Global warming has to be the catalyst for this changeover. This is nature’s awakening call to usher mankind to the dawn of a new economic world order with more social commitment to humanity. It has to remain the prime obligation of any government, including the UN, to oversee that individuals or groups, in their pursuit for development or dominance, either in war or in peace, do not harm the environment so that this blue planet, which sustains all life forms, is saved from imminent danger.

About The Author –

Dr. Alok Bhattacharya received his Ph.D in Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University. He went on a research scholarship to the University of Regina, Canada, and McGill University, Montreal. His publications have found place in reputed national and international journals besides being an author of advanced research subjects. He was a speaker at the 1995 Indian Science Congress in Calcutta and is widely travelled. He has an active interest in burning social issues.

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