Getting Unstuck - How Dead Ends Become New Paths

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Getting Unstuck - How Dead Ends Become New Paths

By Timothy Butler

We all experience psychological impasse. This feeling of uncertainty about your next moves in life might come at predictable moments: the loss of a job, the end of a romance, the sudden yawning of an empty nest as your child heads for college, or the death of someone who has long helped you feel recognized, loved and appreciated.

But psychological impasse might also come at unpredictable moments: when the career of a lifetime somehow loses its justice, when you ache for intimacy but can't seem to find the right partner, when you find yourself longing to renew a sense of life's adventure.

Predictable or not, Psychological impasse brings with it the sense of being stuck or paralyzed. At the office, you feel stale or unchallenged. In your potential life, you feel agitated, deflated, or downright bored. You know that something must change -- and you're desperate to contribute at work, find a reinvigorated role in your family and dive back into the current of your own life.

Though uncomfortable, impasse is necessary: it's the only place from which you can define a new vision for your professional or personal life. In Getting Unstuck, business psychologists and researcher Timothy Butler leverages more than twenty years of research to offer strategies for finding your way, again and again, from impasse to renewed meaning - at work, at home, with colleagues and with family.
In this book you will:

Learn how to recognize the state of psychological impasse and use it as a springboard to real change.

Participate in exercises that activate your new life vision

Discover how to identify the activities, rewards, types of people, workcultures, and communities that will most likely satisfy you

See how to make choices that transform your new vision into reality
Dr. Timothy Butler is a senior Fellow and the Director of Career Development Programes at Harvard Business School. He teaches career coaching and consults to organizations worldwide on career development issues.

Author: Timothy Butler
ISBN: 9781422102251
Pages: 204
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Author Timothy Butler
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