Fun With Words

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Can you change hate to love pinthree easy steps? Save a life witha semicolon? Change a snake into a wild pig? Change a a huge book into a tiny speck? a Sounds like a magic ? It is, ina way - it's the magic of words. This fascinating book is filled with Word games, tricks and puzzles to perplex your parents, baffle your teachers and astonish your friends. Best of all, this book is guaranteed to keep you entertained, amused and amazed. Fun withwords is a lovely a introduction to the intricacies and idiosyncracies of the English language.Covering grammar, spelling,punctuation and vocabulary, it is as educational as it is entertaining. Ted Schroeder's delightful line drawing are inperfect harmony withThe lighThearted tone of the text.

Subject English
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ISBN 9788183071444
Author MaxWell Nurnberg
Publisher Goyal Publishers
Language English
Page count 96
Book Format Paper Back

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