From Instrumentation To Nanotechnology

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From Instrumentation To Nanotechnology


By J W Gardner, H T Hingle


This book traces the development of precision measurement systems from relatively traditional instrumentation, though miniature devices, to the realm of nanotechnology. After a review of the mathematical tools used in signal processing and instrumentation, the book proceeds to consider the design of algorithms for computer aided precision metrology, and the design and applications of both ultrasonic sensors and silicon microsensors. The field of nanotechnology itself is considered with a review covering a range of disciplines from biology to mechanical engineering. Special manufacturing techniques specifically, energy beam lithography and ductile grinding, the use of optical techniques for measuring displacement, surface roughness and particle size at the nanometer level and the x-ray interferometer, are described. Finally, the most exciting recent development in the field is discussed, namely, the scanning tunneling microscope, and associated nanoactuators, that can probe the nature of surfaces at the atomic level.

The book will be of considerable value of practicing engineers, and both physical and chemical scientists who need up to date information on the capabilities of modern instrumentation and on developments in nanotechnology. Since the title presupposes nodetailed knowledge of a specialist subject, it will also be of interest to final year undergraduate and postgraduate students wishing to study these challenging and rapidly developing technologies.


Introduction to the series
List of contributors
1.Trends in Instrumentation and Nanotechnology
2.Signal Processing
3.Correlation Methods Applied to Instrumentation
4.Mathematical Modelling of Instruments – Application and Design
5.Algorithms for compuer aided precision metrology
6.Ultrasonc Sensors
7.Recent Advances in solid state microsensors
9.Use of Energy beams for Ultra high precision processing of materials
10.Control of high precision instrumentation and machines
11.Optical metrology : The precision measurement of displacement using optical interferometry
12.Optical Diffraction for surface roughness Measurement
13.Nanoparticle Visualisation for particle image velocimetry at transionic speeds
14.High precision surface profilometry : From stylus to STM
15.Nanoactuators for controlled displacements
16.Calibration of linear tranducers by X-Ray Interferometry


Author: J W Gardner, H T Hingle

ISBN: 2881247946

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Author J W Gardner & H T Hingle
Publisher Ane

Categories: Nanotechnology

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