Fluid Mechanics

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Fluid Mechanics

Problems and Solutions

By Joseph H Spurk

This collection of over 200 detailed worked exercises adds to and complements the textbook "Fluid Mechanics" by the same author, and, at the same time, illustrates the teaching material via examples. The exercises revolve around applying the fundamental concepts of "Fluid Mechanics" to obtain solutions to diverse concrete problems, and, in so doing, the students' skill in the mathematical modelling of practical problems is developed. In addition, 30 challenging questions WITHOUT detailed solutions have been included. While lecturers will find these questions suitable for examinations and tests, students themselves can use them to check their understanding of the subject.


Fundamentals: The Concept of the Continuum and Kinematics
Fundamental Laws of Continuum Mechanics
Constitutive Relations of a Fluid
Equation of Motion for Particular Fluids
Laminar Unidirectional Flows
Fundamentals of Turbulent Flow
Hydrodynamic Lubrication
Streamline Theory.- Potential Flow
Supersonic Flow
Boundary Layer Theory
Cartesian Tensors
Examination Question

Author: Joseph H Spurk

ISBN: 8181283872

Pages: 620

Price: Rs.450/-

Author Joseph H Spurk
Publisher Springer
Page count 620

Categories: Engineering Science

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