Finding Keepers

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Finding Keepers

The Monster Guide to Hiring and Holding the World’s Best Employees

Keepers. They are your best employees. They have the best ideas, execute business plans flawlessly, create a strong culture, and provide the highest value to your company. Keepers are by definition a rare breed-difficult to find and even harder to hold on to.

Here, for the first time, Monster-the global leader in talent acquisition-reveals its proven program for recruiting and retaining high performing, talented employees who drive sustainable success.

Drawing from original Monster data and research, and sharing wisdom from dozens of experts in hiring and recruitment, Finding Keepers shows how to harness the power of your employer brand to hire and hold the best people-from the first time a candidate hears your name until the day that person retires.

You'll see how to apply Monster's unparalleled Engagement Cycle program to:

  • Build your hiring practices around the unique attributes of your organization
  • Stay competitive in your home market or worldwide
  • Attract skilled workers with an employer brand that communicates the values and mission of your company
  • Get the best candidates to “buy” your company
  • Understand the attitudes, behaviors, and future needs of the most productive employees
  • Develop a great workplace to attract the right people and use those people to strengthen the culture, and then use the culture to hold on to them.

Packed with scores of practical tips that businesses of all sizes and industries can start applying immediately, Finding Keepers is your action guide to attracting, acquiring, and advancing the smart, capable people you need.

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Subject Business & Management
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ISBN 9780070223840
Author Steve Pogorzelski and Jesse Harriott With Doug Hardy
Publisher Tata Mcgraw Hill
Imprint date 2008
Language English
Page count 237
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Business & Management

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